Newbold Road Closure – April 26th – 28th 2018

Newbold Road will be closed to through traffic for up to two days starting Monday 26th April 2018. This is to facilitate inlay patching works.

The work was originally scheduled for March 26th 2018 however has been put back to April by Leicestershire County Council.

Diversions will be in place via the A447 Bull in the Oak along and along Bosworth Lane.

Hinckley & Bosworth Recycling & Waste Guide 2018

Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council are abolishing the paper and cardboard caddy found inside the blue recycling bin from April 1st 2018. All recyclable waste is to be put in the blue-lidded bin.

You will no longer need to seperate your paper and card from the rest of your recycling – you can put all of your paper, card, plastics, glass and cans together in your recycling bin.

Hinckley & Bosworth Council will be removing the black inner caddy during the last collection in March (Thursday March 22nd) and will add a recycling information sticker to the blue lidded bin.

What To Put In Your Blue Bin

  • Newspapers & Magazines
  • Catalogues
  • Junk Mail
  • Cardboard (flatten & leave next to bin if too large)
  • Greetings Cards (remove all glitter, ribbons and badges)
  • Paper-based Gift Wrap
  • Glass Bottles & Jars
  • Food / Drink Tins & Cans
  • Cartons
  • Clean Foil
  • Aerosols
  • Plastic Pots (yoghurt, plant etc. – no black plastic)
  • Plastic Bottles
  • Plastic Tubs
  • Plastic Trays (meat, fruit etc. – no black plastic)

What NOT To Put In Your Blue Bin

  • Dirty Paper / Cardboard (takeaway pizza boxes etc.)
  • Glitter / Foil Greeting Cards or Wrapping Paper
  • Any Items Containing Glitter
  • Sticky Paper (Labels or Tape)
  • Plastic Bags / Carrier Bags
  • Cling Film / Plastic Film or Cellophane
  • Polystyrene / Bubblewrap
  • Black Plastic (Any Type)
  • Household Rubbish
  • Coat Hangers or Hard Plastics
  • Electrical Items
  • Garden Waste
  • Black Plant Pots, Pans or Utensils
  • Paint Tins
  • Video Cassettes, DVDs or CDs

More Information

For more information on why the recycling service is changing and what to put in your bins, please visit

Market Bosworth Telephone Exchange Upgraded To BT 21CN

December 2011 saw the Market Bosworth Telephone Exchange (which serves Market Bosworth and surrounding villages including Barlestone) upgraded to BT’s 21CN (21st Century Network) promising residents a more reliable broadband connection – but will it make our broadband faster?

Broadband for Market Bosworth and the villages which surround it has been historically slow when compared to larger towns and city broadband speeds due to the distance to the Exchange from rural villages and the Exchange itself not being a priority for BT to upgrade with technology due to it serving a reletively small amount of people.

In December 2011 however, BT rolled out its 21CN (21st Century Network) WBC (Wholesale Broadband Connect) service to Market Bosworth.

Will This Make My Broadband Faster?

In theory, it could do. The upgrade does provide more opportunities for faster broadband and also from other companies.

Before the upgrade, BT could only offer us their ‘IP Stream’ service, promising speeds of ‘up to 8mbps’. Any other companies offering broadband had to do so over this service, making them unable to offer competitive (cheaper) alternatives as-seen in larger towns and cities.

BT’s WBC upgrade offers an increase of to ‘up to 24mbps‘ in broadband speed (although this would decrease drastically over any distance from the exchange to your home).

Who Will Supply My Broadband?

By upgrading the exchange itself (the building in Market Bosworth where all of our phone lines plug into), BT can now allow third-party broadband providers to ‘have presence’ in the Exchange and install their own equipment, thus allowing them to offer more competitive broadband options to customers.

At the time of publishing, only TalkTalk has presence in Market Bosworth, meaning that the only option other than BT is TalkTalk. Hopefully we will soon see other providers such as Sky and O2 enter the market in the area, so cheaper and faster broadband alternatives are available.

Is This BT Infinity?

No. BT Infinity is BTs retail name for its new fibre-optic based broadband network. This network offers ‘Fibre To The Cabinet’ or ‘FTTC’ which involves the installation of a large dark-green cabinet at the end of your street, and broadband speeds of around 40mbps, which is achieved by swapping out the old copper-wire cables from the Exchange to your street with fibre-optic cables.

BTs WBC upgrade still uses existing copper wire to connect your home to the telephone exchange.

There are currently no plans for BT to offer BT Infinity (FTTC) to residents served by the Market Bosworth Telephone Exchange, let alone FTTH (fibre to the home) which will offer speeds of over 100mbps should it ever arrive.

Will This Affect My Broadband?

No – the upgrade is already complete and would have taken approximately 30 minutes to complete. We’ll have to wait and see to find out who will come to Market Bosworth to offer us cheaper broadband.

As for BT Infinity, it took BT 4 years to install WBC, so don’t get your hopes up just yet.

Barlestone Recycling & Refuse Collection Schedule – 2012

Please find below the collection schedule for recycling and refuse for Barlestone for 2012:

Christmas Tree Collection

Garden waste bins (brown bins) will not be collected over Christmas and New Year. Real Christmas Trees can be left out with the brown bin on the first collection of 2012 (January 19th) to be disposed of. Trees must be in less than 1m lengths and be left either in the brown bin or alongside it.

Recycling Guide

Yellow Bag Blue Bag Blue Bin / Box Brown Bin Black Bin
Telephone Directories
Food Tins
Drinks Cans
Plastic Packaging
Food Tins
Drinks Cans
Plastic Packaging
Garden Waste Non-Recyclable Waste

Collection Times

All collections begin at 7:00am.

January 2012

Date Collection
Jan 5th 2012 Blue (All Recycling)
Jan 12th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Jan 19th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Jan 26th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

February 2012

Date Collection
Feb 2nd 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Feb 9th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Feb 16th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Feb 23th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

March 2012

Date Collection
Mar 1st 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Mar 8th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Mar 15th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Mar 22th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Mar 29th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)

April 2012

Date Collection
Apr 5th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Apr 12th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Apr 19th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Apr 26th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)

May 2012

Date Collection
May 3rd 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
May 10th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
May 17th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
May 24th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
May 31st 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

June 2012

Date Collection
Jun 7th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Jun 14th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Jun 21st 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Jun 28th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

July 2012

Date Collection
Jul 5th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Jul 12th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Jul 19th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Jul 26th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

August 2012

Date Collection
Aug 2nd 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Aug 9th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Aug 16th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Aug 23th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Aug 30th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)

September 2012

Date Collection
Sep 6th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Sep 13th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Sep 20th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Sep 27th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)

October 2012

Date Collection
Oct 4th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Oct 11th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Oct 18th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Oct 25th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)

November 2012

Date Collection
Nov 1st 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Nov 8th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Nov 15th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)
Nov 22th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Nov 29th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

December 2012

Date Collection
Dec 6th 2012 Brown (Garden Waste) & Blue (All Recycling)
Dec 13th 2012 Black (Non-Recyclable)

Barlestone Post Office To Re-Open At Village Co-Op

Barlestone’s village Post Office, which closed in September 2011 due to the retirement of Post Mistress Heather Ball is to re-open on a 6 month trial basis inside the village Co-Op.

The installation of Post Office services at the Co-Op will be assessed once in place with a view to continuing the service only if the demand for it proves to exist. This means that the village Post Office service will be on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis.

Full details of services to be available from the Co-Op (including bank deposits / withdrawals and specialist services previously offered by the Post Office are yet to be confirmed.