New Recycling Collections Confuse Barlestone Residents

Residents of Barlestone were left last week in what seemed to be various states of confusion regarding the new recycling system put in place by Leicester City Council for 2011.

Thursday January 20th saw the beginning of a new recycling collection. Houses were informed about this via a leaflet delivered to homes towards the end of 2010, but come bin day, most homes seemed unaware of the new recycling service, and opted instead to either continue putting out the same bins as last year, some bins, or in an effort to ensure their rubbish was collected, all of their bins!

The new recycling system now sees the Black (non-recyclable waste) bin be put out on its own on Thursday January 13th and every fortnight thereafter. Thursday January 20th and every fortnight thereafter now sees the Brown (garden waste) bin, the Yellow (cardboard and paper) bag, and the Blue (tin, bottle and plastic) bag all put out at once.

This coming Thursday will see if residents of Barlestone will realise that it is a Black bin only collection. Hopefully neighbours will notice bins already put out on their street and copy those in the know.

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