Conservative MP David Tredinnick Retains Bosworth in 2010 General Election Result

Thursday May 6th saw the UK vote in the national General Election. Dispite strong competition, David Tredinnick held onto his Bosworth constituency for another term – a seat he has held since 1987. Tredinnick secured 23,132 votes – 42.6% of votes overall.

The overall vote for Bosworth saw a 5.9% swing from Conservative to Liberal Democrats. Lib Dem candidate Michael Mullaney secured 18,100 votes for second place in the vote, representing 33.3% of all votes cast.

Labour candidate Rory Palmer came third, with 8,674 (16%) of the vote. Tredinnick therefore remains as MP for Bosworth, however with a slightly reduced majority of 5,032. This is a 9.3% reduction on his previous majority over the Labour Party in 2005.

Overall the turnout was higher than the 2005 General Election with 54,274 people turning out to vote. Back in 2005, 47,499 people in Bosworth voted – 4.6% less than in 2010. Back then, Tredinnick won with 20,212 votes, which also represented 42.6% of the total votes cast.

David Tredinnick saw off competition from rising Liberal Democrat support in the Hinckley and Bosworth area, as well as reports in 2009 highlighting Tredinnick’s involvement in the ongoing MPs expenses scandal.

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