Barlestone Street Parade 2011

The annual Barlestone village Street Parade has been announced for Saturday July 2nd. The stree parade is organised each year by the Barlestone and Osbaston Community Association (BOCA) and the Friends of Barlestone School (FOBS). In a change to previous years, the walking street parade will start from Church Road, and not Meadow Road.

The parade will gather in Church Road from 1pm on the Saturday, leaving to walk through the village and towards Barlestone Primary School at 1.20pm. The parade will then end at the Primary School at 2.00pm at which point the summer fete will commence!

The theme for this years parade will be ‘Goodies and Baddies’! You can help promote this event by ‘Liking’ this page, which will help advertise this even on Facebook.

About The Street Parade

Our walkers will mainly be children from Barlestone Primary School plus various other village groups, however anyone can take part either as a group or individuals, plus the organising committee would welcome any stewards and collectors (as a collection team will be following the street parade to raise money for local community groups).

The ‘theme’ of ‘Goodies and Baddies’ is not mandatory, but if you are taking part then this is your chance to become the hero of villain of your dreams!

BOCA Fundraising

BOCA aims to provide a vehicle to enhance the social, cultural and educational needs of Barlestone and Osbaston and also raises funds for the benefit of our local community.

In the last three years BOCA has contributed funds to St Giles Youth Football Club, First Steps playgroup, Just4Kids and each of the villages ‘uniformed’ groups (Brownies, Cubs etc) as well as the community First Responders as their chosen beneficiaries.

The street collection will be used to boost the funds available for our 2011/12 good causes.

Further Information

For further information please contact Cathy Mullins on 01455 292 957 or 07917 022 114.

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