Cannabis Factory Found in Barlestone Home

A cannabis growing operation of 216 plants has been found by police in Cunnery Close in Barlestone.

The operation was identified by a police helicopter searching for a missing boy in the village serveral nights before. Its thermal imaging camera lit up the house, causing the pilot to notify officers on the ground who launched an investigation. The house was subsequently raised on Tuesday March 30th. The plants were thought to carry a value of £1,000 each, making the haul worth £216,000.

Head of Hinckley police, Inspector Rich Ward told This Is Leicestershire “It had heat-seeking equipment on and all of a sudden this house was shining out like a beacon”.

A man was thought to be living in the kitchen of the property, babysitting the plants for other people associated with the drugs trade.

Suburban houses are thought to be targeted by cannabis growers due to thier low profile. Growers typically rent out a property, then unknown to the landlord proceed to install heavy duty electrical and ventilation systems needed to grow their crops. Cannabis plants require sophisticated ventilation systems and industrial grade heating and lighting in order to grow successfully, which normally results in the rented property being sunstantially modified in order to accommodate it.

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